SOCIETY HILL, S.C. (WBTW) — The runoff race for mayor in a Darlington County town ended in a tie, prompting a second runoff race in two weeks, according to Society Hill Mayor Tommy Bradshaw.

The race for Society Hill mayor ended in a tie with both incumbent Bradshaw and challenger Dwayne Duke receiving 98 votes, according to The next runoff will happen Nov. 30, making this the third time Society Hill residents have voted for mayor in one calendar month.

Bradshaw told News13 Darlington County Election and Voter Registration Director Hoyt Campbell told him he’s never seen a “runoff for a runoff” in his 35 years in that job.

Initial runoff results showed Duke received one more vote than Bradshaw but there was one provisional ballot that still had to be counted Thursday. That ballot was cast for Bradshaw.