Thousands file through Robeson County Fairgrounds Saturday to hear President Trump


LUMBERTON, N.C. (WBTW) — Over 3,000 people filed into the Robeson County Fairgrounds Saturday to hear President Trump speak.

“Trump represents everything I believe in,” rally-goer Tiffany Covington said. “Good Christian values.”

Tiffany was among the many in a long line that stretched around a section of the fairgrounds.

Attendees came in all different age groups, some had just cased their first vote.

Many different backgrounds were represented in the crowd too, including a considerable turnout among Lumbee tribe members.

“We think he’s going to help the Lumbees and everyone here, bring back jobs that’s been lost through the years,” tribe member Donna Hunt said.

The line was longest just before 9:30 a.m., which is when doors opened and people could file in.

Some, though, arrived long before dawn in anticipation.

“He doesn’t care if it’s a big community or a small community—he’s going to come out for the people and we’re going to support him when he comes out,” Adam Haller said, one of the early-arrivers said.

Jonas Williams was also at the fairgrounds before sunrise. He got there early to set up his Trump merch under a tent. He said ‘making some money’ was what he was most looking forward to.

Several at one point showed up in apparent opposition to the President’s visit. Some had signs that said ‘Black Lives Matter.’

Meanwhile, Indiana Congressman Greg Pence, VP Mike Pence’s older brother, made it a point to attend the campaign stop.

“We’re just here going around the state today, trying to help get the vote out,” Pence said. “Because my brother needs to keep his job and we need four more years of Donald Trump and Mike Pence.”

Many expressed excitement the president was able to stop in Lumberton and address ‘fighting for the forgotten men and women.’

“The wounded, the families, murders here in Robeson county, folks who have been killed. Get answers, try to get some people come down and investigate.” Hunt said.

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