Extreme Christmas nativity scenes restore Christmas tradition


TABOR CITY, NC (WBTW) – A holiday tradition is restored for a Tabor City man this year as he opens up a new store sharing the meaning of Christmas.

Rodney Gore is on a mission to share the meaning of Christmas, displaying forty years of collectible items continuing a long-time tradition, but for the first year in this store.

A 44-year collection of nativity sets shares the meaning of Christmas for Rodney Gore.

“I would buy one or two or three of a nativity set. I would take two to the shop to sell and the other one home,” Rodney Gore, Owner of Tabor City Christmas and Nativity Expo, said.

Passion turned into a business in 1975, opening up a store soon to be destroyed by two hurricanes… Matthew and Florence.

“I almost cried, there was sadness in my heart because there were certain pieces that money could not have bought,” Gore said.

Items exceeding value were lost, but this year a long-time tradition returns displaying shelves of 2500 nativity sets collected over four decades from journeys across a lifetime of experiences ranging from twenty-five cents to thousands of dollars.

“But in my eyes, it does not matter the most expensive or the least expensive they’re all equal because they’re Jesus.”

His love for the Christmas story of Jesus Christ contagiously spread to those he loves.

“My son in law sort of got interested in collecting too. He was like 6’2, and whenever he would see one, he would stand up and do this, and I knew what he had found. Got to him and you’re not going to get these, these are mine.”

While he’s not here today, his memory remains through items passed along displayed in the store.

“He passed in November of cancer, but I still have his memories with Jesus Christ.”

Those collectible items making Rodney Gore’s opening year in a new store that much more special.

“Just sharing it with the people with anybody is a mission.”

Appointments to visit the nativity expo can be made by calling Rodney Gore at 910-640-8710 or 910-653-2653.

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