First-grader surprised by classmates after being laughed at for costume


JACKSON, MS (CNN Newsource) — An autistic Mississippi first grader had a bad experience last week when some of his classmates picked on him for his costume choice.

As part of homecoming festivities, kids dressed up like their favorite super hero Monday.

Zachary, a very shy first grader, dressed like the Flash. When he walked into class, some of the kids laughed at him, so he took his costume off.

Zachary’s best friend, Jase Smith, was upset for him and went home and told his mom.

“I immediately reached out to [Zach’s mother] to check on Zach because I didn’t want it to ruin his week,” Jase’s mom Lacy Smith said.

Zachary couldn’t get the courage to wear another costume until the mothers of two or three of his friends asked if he would be their sons’ twins for ‘Twin Day.’

They all decided to be M&Ms. But there was a surprise coming.

“As soon as we pulled up to the fire station and we saw everyone, Zach immediately knew he recognized faces; he was so excited, and he said, ‘Do you see all my friends?”” Zachary’s mother Kayla Johnston said.

Jeremy Johnson, a coach and teacher, had 7th graders that dressed up as M&Ms too.

“When I heard what it was for, I was touched, honestly,” Johnson said. “Just how close knit this school can be, it definitely touched my heart.”

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