LUMBERTON, N.C. — Lumberton is one of the worst hit areas in North Carolina.

Days after Hurricane Matthew flooding is still at its peak.

Along west 5th Street in Lumberton the flood waters stretch about 3 miles down the road. And in that three miles, hundreds of people’s lives have been destroyed due to the waters.

“I’m 45 and I’ve never see it flood like this in this area, said Eddie Williams.

Williams owns a business along fifth street and he did his best to get everything out.

“28 years of stuff, man,” Williams said.

Williams and his four employees made it back and forth through the water using tables from a flea market as a make-shift bridge.

“Trying to save the tattoo shop man to get everything out of it, so we can make a living for these guys that work for me,” Williams said.

Williams and his girlfriend were able to save something else.

A  dog named Coco was trapped in the flood waters since Friday and they got her back to her owner.

And all of this was with the help of Sean Waggoner, who lent not only himself to help carry supplies back and forth, but his massive tow truck.

Waggoner  has been making this run through the feet of flood waters since Saturday.

“We had a truck that could get through the high waters, so we were loading people up in their cars and getting them out of here,” Waggoner  said.

He saved at least half a dozen people from their flooded cars.

And days later he’s still out helping people get to their business and pull cars out of the water.

Officials were also out on the waters on Wednesday.

A fire official from Charlotte working with swift water crews in Lumberton said that on Thursday they will report back to the emergency operations center and, if needed, will be back out into the flooded streets.