Florence city leaders plan to add new developments by 2020


FLORENCE, SC (WBTW) – The city of Florence has a big project in place that could bring new condos, a parking garage and a third hotel for Downtown.

Throughout the years the city has seen several new developments, but in 2020 the lot in front of the city center building will be part of $65 million project that is currently in the works.

“Coming to Florence in the 50’s with my family was like Christmas. I look forward to coming to Florence as I did on Christmas day because you know it was the big city,” said Dan Phillips, business owner in Downtown

Phillips has been an owner at the barber shop on the corner of West Evans street since the 1960’s, he’s seen businesses come and go, but now he’s excited about the new developments that will attract more people to the area.

“I’m glad to see the whole downtown redevelopment to tell you the truth because I saw them redo it in the 60’s. I saw them redo it again in 70’s, so this one seems to be doing a lot better,” said Phillips.

When you drive down Evans street, people have noticed an empty lot in front of the city center where the Florentine building was located, but soon that will change.

“The plan is a third hotel for downtown, another apartment complex, office complex, and condos. The city is rolling all of that and when you put that stuff together you have to have a place for people to park, so we’ll be building another parking garage,” said Ray Reich, Downtown Development manager

The project is not the only thing the city of Florence is looking to change . Reich added that city officials are looking to renovate the Carolina theater as well.

“It will be a multi-use facility, you can do concerts there, private functions, conferences and when nothing else is going on it will also function as a movie theater,” said Reich.

The renovated theater is expected to be completed by 2020 and the other project is still under negotiation.

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