FLORENCE, S.C. (WBTW) – In addition to picking a president, local elections will be decided next Tuesday. Among those, a number of Sheriff’s races including one in Florence County.

News13 sat down with both candidates today to hear why they say they should win the office.

When you head to the polls next Tuesday remember to vote for the Sheriff’s race, you can choose to re-elect Sheriff Kenney Boone or make history with Jody Lynch.

With more than 20 years’ experience in law enforcement, Jody Lynch hopes to unite deputies and the people they serve in Florence County.

Jody Lynch, candidate for Florence County Sheriff, “Some of these neighborhoods. When they see officers pull up. All they see is someone is going to jail. I want it to be. Somebody might be going to jail… but it’s more than that. It’s that they are there to protect people.”

Lynch plans to start programs like the residential deputy program where one deputy is assigned to each district in the County will work as a liaison that way no one feels left out.

Lynch said, “If there is a flat tire. I want deputies to get out there and help people with changing a tire.”

If Lynch is elected Florence County Sheriff, she will become the first female Sheriff in the state.

“When I decided to run for Sheriff, I didn’t know there wasn’t a female Sheriff in the state. I really didn’t even think about it. I just knew I have 20 years of experience.  I have a background in law enforcement. I have a background in security police in the Air Force. I’m a veteran,” Lynch said.

Earlier this month, Lynch said a group of young girls dressed as ‘Sheriff Jody Lynch’.

“I want to let young girls know that there is no hold you back. I am paving the road for them. They can be anything they want to be,” Lynch explained.

For the past 12 years, Sheriff Kenney Boone has been Sheriff of Florence County. Boone prides himself on the agency’s ability to be self-sufficient. The Sheriff’s office is able to respond to emergencies immediately without waiting on other agencies. Examples of that include Hurricane Matthew last month.

Kenney Boone, current Florence County Sheriff Said, “With the military surplus equipment We’ve acquired. We made several hundred rescues with the flood a year ago and the hurricane most recently.”

If he is re-elected, he hopes to expand the agency’s independence by adding forensic ballistics then DNA testing.

Boone said “time is of the essence. We need to be able to respond immediately. Not have to wait for other agencies.”

Boone explained deputies have a great relationship with the community and he hopes to build on that with trust and confidence.

“We don’t run from danger. We run to it. And I think that’s very special,” Boone concludes.

Both candidates will be on the ballot in Florence next Tuesday.