Florence School District Four at high risk of losing accreditation


TIMMONSVILLE, SC (WBTW) – The South Carolina Department of Education says Florence District Four is really at stake and the district could lose its accreditation if some long standing problems aren’t fixed by Monday.

If the district loses its accreditation, then the district wouldn’t be able to give out diplomas and they would either consolidate with other schools or turn into a charter school.

Parrie McElvee just switched her two kids from Florence School District One to Florence School District Four and she is concerned for her two kids.

“My son went to Thelma Brown, my daughter went to Delmae and they just transitioned this year from there to Timmonsville,” said McElvee.

McElvee says Wednesday was her very first time hearing about the board meeting that happened Tuesday night and the possibility of the district losing its accreditation.

“It makes me feel a little insecure of the fact that I don’t know what’s going on. I don’t know the next steps to take with my child, where they should be, where they should go as far as their education,” McElvee explained.

According to October’s agreement between Florence County School District Four and the South Carolina Board of Education, Timmonsville’s 2015 assessments demonstrate significant problems with academic performance and students performing below the state average in every subject and every grade.

The South Carolina Board of Education says students are scoring 30 to 40 points below state average in reading and writing.

“Once we get the framework done, Florence 4 will know how to go in and what to do,” said Chairman of the Way and Means Committee Rep. Brian White.

Pati Kirkland has lived in Timmonsville for 42 years and has three grandchildren at each of the three schools.

“They can still give those kids the same education that all the rest of the schools get,” Kirkland mentioned.

“Everyone needs to pull together and help because our kids are our future and I hope that they can get the best they can get out of Timmonsville,” said McElvee.

“All you got to do is tighten up on them and tighten up on the budget,” Kirkland said.

According to the South Carolina Board of Education the outcome of the Florence County School District Four accreditation will be determined by March.

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