FMU astronomy professor weighs in on how to spot unsafe eclipse glasses


FLORENCE, SC (WBTW) – By now, you’ve likely seen warnings about bogus eclipse glasses.  Days before the momentous event, local experts are giving helpful tips on how to spot the fakes and keep your eyes safe.

Wednesday, Francis Marion University shared images and tips from astronomy professor Dr. Jeannette Myers.

The images walk you through how to use the LED flashlight on your cell phone to check whether or not the glasses are safe. If you can still see a bright orange circle visible, they aren’t safe. The brighter and more orange the light that appears through the glasses, the worse quality of the filtering material.

Another common sign of bogus glasses are slogans on the temple. The example Dr. Myers has includes the phrase “Enjoy the Sunshine” on one temple and “Enjoy the Sunshy” on the other. According to the professor, trusted manufacturers display their information in a different location like between the lenses above the nose piece.

Also included on the post is a warning about glasses that should not be worn for more than about ten minutes. Dr. Myers says that she has seen many glasses from chain grocery stores as well as home improvement stores and says they are okay to use, but recommends people do not wear them for more than 10 minutes at a time because they are brighter than she would like in terms of the amount of light they filter.

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