Former CCU and Green Bay Packer football player inspires youth at drone camp


BUCKSPORT, SC (WBTW) – A former CCU Chanticleer and Green Bay Packer introduced dozens of local children and adults to the world of drone technology in Horry County this week.

Maurice Simpkins was back in Bucksport Thursday to host a drone camp, in collaboration with his non-profit that connects communities and youth with access to technology. Simpkins is the founder of the Andrew Simpkins Innovation Foundation, in honor of his grandfather.

Simpkins spent two hours at the James R. Frazier Community Center with more than two dozen kids and adults, teaching them the ins-and-outs of how to fly a drone. While there, he explained how the technology opened doors to entrepreneurial opportunities for his family – including business in sports and real estate drone video.

“I tell kids all the time – follow your passions in STEM. Follow your brain in coding, and drones and IT,” he explained. “All the kids are playing video games now. They’re on their little phones with the apps. They don’t understand just how close to being a programmer they are.”

He told News13 he hopes the session connected the fun of flying drones with the professional size of the field to “show them just how much fun we have in actually working (in this field).”

“There’s so much involved in the world of drones. They’ve taken off like wildfire,” he said. “You have the ability to get your license and be a drone pilot before you’re 17 years old. So before you graduate school or go off to college, you can position yourself in a place to be profitable with a drone. Some of these opportunities we’re looking to provide are to spark entrepreneurial activities.”

You can learn more about the Andrew Simpkins Innovation Foundation by clicking here.

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