Four million US vaccines distributed in one day, Pfizer says vaccine protects for at least six months


HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WBTW) — The CDC reported the U.S. broke a daily record distributing vaccines last week.

Four million vaccines in one day set a new U.S. daily record and brought the seven-day average to more than three million doses per day.

Record breaking vaccine numbers come after Pfizer reported its vaccine offers at least six-month protection.

Medical experts, however, predict vaccine protection will likely go beyond six months. They say having data available proves protection is a good sign, but there’s no other way of knowing the entire length of protection besides waiting for results to unfold.

Dr. Richardson at Conway Medical Center says the Pfizer vaccine is reported to be about 95-percent effective for at least six months following the second dose.

While he has seen a couple breakthrough infections with the vaccine, those cases did not experience extreme symptoms.

“A few breakthroughs are to be expected it’s going to happen, but overall, the fact you’re still holding that kind of efficacy even at six months leads me to believe we are going to see even more clinical protection further beyond six months,” Dr. Richardson said.

Following Pfizer’s six-month vaccine protection announcement, the CDC relaxed COVID-19 travel guidance for people who are fully vaccinated.

Health officials now say travel risk is low for those fully vaccinated. The new guidance also eases testing and self-quarantine recommendations.

The CDC stated fulled vaccinated people can travel without being put at high risk. New guidance still requires a mask and recommends other sanitary precautions.

CDC’s director said fully vaccinated people don’t need to get a COVID-19 test before or after travel. Self-quarantine following travel is no longer recommended for those fully vaccinated.

The new travel guidance comes as more studies show vaccine effectiveness in reducing infection risk with or without symptoms.

Local medical experts say at least six-month protection is encouraging. They hope it sends a positive message to those who are hesitating about getting the vaccine.

“That is very good news for the community,” Dr. Richardson said. “I hope that will even help the folks who have been on the fence about getting vaccinated. Some said if it’s only going to give me three-month protection, why am I going to do that? Hopefully, this will give them even more reason to go ahead and get vaccinated.”

Doctors anticipate Moderna will release data soon on the protection of its vaccine.

For updated CDC travel guidance, click here.

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