FSD1 and Chartwells release new site for school lunches


FLORENCE, SC (WBTW) – Florence school district one looks to transform the way students and parents view lunch menu items this upcoming school year.

“Nutrislice, is an app and a web based program online menu system. You can either access through the web or download the app to your phone, tablet, anything,” said Mia Buck, resident district manager for FSD1 and FSD4.

The new website will give students and parents a chance to learn about the nutritional facts for each item served that day.

“Parents that have children on special dietary plans or restrictions or even allergens, can go on there and find out what we’re serving on what particular day and you can cater what you need to send with your child or what you don’t need to send with your child,” said Buck.

Some parents tell News13 they have already navigated the user friendly app, and are happy to see changes in the district.

“Our son has type one diabetes and we can use the app to look at the menu choices and also it gives us a specific carb count, so we can have an accurate count and we’ll know how much insulin he’ll need,” said parent Kristie Bridger.

The site will display food items for the whole month and will let students rate the food after they try them out.

“We’re very excited on how it’s going to help our son and how it’s going to help him be more independent instead of having to guess how much carbs are, we’ll have a better idea and an exact amount,” said Bridger.

The website and app are available and if you would like to learn more, click here.

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