FSD1 gives raises to school nurses


FLORENCE, SC (WBTW) – On Thursday, FSD1 school board members approved salary raises for nurses based on years of experience.

“I had one school nurse with 52 years of experience, but the previous HR company paid her at zero, that’s not right,” said Dr. Richard O’Malley, superintendent.

In the past nurses at all Florence one schools were paid the same amount regardless of their experience.

“We were probably in the bottom three school district in the state as far as what we were paying our school nurses,” said Dr. O’Malley.

Dr. O’Malley added that the salary guide is capped at 30 years of experience.

“To walk in the shoes of a nurse today is something we want to make sure that we’re paying them for their expertise, the experience, and not only attract but retain our school nurses here in Florence one schools,” said Dr. O’Malley.

The raise for nurses is in addition to the 5 percent raise to all district employees that started in August.

“This action by the board of trustees moved them to probably about the 44,000 as an average salary,” said Dr. O’Malley.

The salary raises will go into effect starting December 1st.

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