Family, community pay final tribute to LCpl. Melton ‘Fox’ Gore at funeral service


HORRY COUNTY, SC (WBTW) – A funeral service on Wednesday honored LCpl. Melton “Fox” Gore, who lost his life in the line of duty last week.

Here are excepts from various tributes during the service:

Mrs. Bebe Sanders, his sister:
– “I have to start by giving honor to God, because I could not be up here if it wasn’t for my God.”
– “There’s no way to lessen the sorrow of losing a person as precious as you. You’ve given us so much joy, made us laugh, showed love, kindness, courage and compassion.”
– “I’m going to miss you and love you forever.”
– “Hug our brothers and our daddy and please tell our mother that we’re still practicing what they taught us.”
– “Yes, he had red hair, but that was only a part of his fame.”
– “There was one that was never near. She found that little rascal. She chased him down… and I said you’re as slick as a fox, Melton Gore.”

Milton Gore, twin brother:
– “I have the good fortune of being the twin brother of Melton L Gordon. That L was Lavonne until we got 12 years old instead of the name Levi.”
– “I want to say thank you to my family for allowing me to take the leave this week. I appreciate that.”
– “Fox and I reconnected and we pushed it all the way together.”
– “January 12 told me why that happened and I’m extremely grateful for that.”
– “Last night Angela and I received a call from Gov. McMaster… and chief if you have the opportunity to let him know that we are so grateful that in all his busy days we appreciate that.”
– “Fox was three minutes or so older than me and I was the little brother, but he always treated me or always took care of me like I was a younger brother.”
– “I want to take the time and be the voice for Fox today and here he lies there…
– “He’s gone ahead of you but I’m going to speak for him today. To my family, sisters, and brothers,… I love you. If he was here that’s exactly what he’d say to you.”
– “Sometimes Fox would have a tough shell, but on the instead big old marshmallow.”
– “Your daddy loved you, man. London, London.”
– “He’s given you the foundation. Don’t ever forget that your da

C.J. Gore, his brother:
– “I’ve been foxed by the Fox a few times, but I’m not going to tell them all.”
– “We reminisce about the peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I miss you Fox and I love you.”

Chief Joseph Hill, Horry County Police Department:
– “This is a celebration of life and we’re going to celebrate Fox.”
– “Before that office he said I can’t wait to cook for you.”
– “I don’t have a lot of words of comfort, but I do have one and that’s faith. And Fox had faith… and we’re going to join him in our due time.”
– “I’m sad to be here, but I’m so very pleased to have known that man.”
– “London, you lean on your family. I need you to look at your extended family in blue and grey. We will be there when you need us.”

Chief Quentin Robinson, Atlantic Beach Police Department

– “Make no mistake your hurt is our hurt. January 12 2021 the Gore family, the town of Atlantic Beach, the HCPD lost a ….”
– “He was the first person in town I really got a chance to talk with. He would always stop at the town hall to check on us and if we needed anything.”
– “I would always see Fox around town cutting grass, helping around town and helping people.”
– “Officer Gore and I would always talk a lot about law enforcement, about the town of Atlantic Beach and about life. I would tell Fox, you know you’re one of my best friends.”
– “The last time I spoke with officer Gore was the middle of December. We talked about a few things that day was planning a cookout for our Horry County law enforcement family.”
– “He took pride in taking care of the appearance of the town. Getting ready for bike week and other events to prepare throughout the year.”
– “To officer Gore’s son, your father was a great man, he truly loved you with his whole heart. Everything he did, he did it for you.”
“To officer Gore… my friend, rest easy. We got it from here. Until we meet again. We love you. We miss you. Fly high, my brother. You will always be in our hearts.”

8:30 AM: A funeral procession led by public safety officers was staged at Horry Georgetown Technical College and is making it’s way to the funeral service at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center.

8:41 AM: The funeral procession is is near the intersection of Hwy. 501 and George Bishop Parkway on 501 beach bound, according to Horry County Police Department.

8:46 AM: The funeral procession turned onto Hwy. 17 from Hwy. 501, according to HCPD.

8:49 AM: The procession turned onto 21st Ave. North.

9 AM: A “tunnel of blue” lines up at the Pelican Baseball Stadium before the delivering of the casket to the Myrtle Beach Convention Center.

9:30 AM: LCpl. Gore’s family requested one last private moment with him prior to the funeral. Community members will not be allowed into the building until at least 10:30.

9:50 AM: Governor Henry McMaster said he and his wife Peggy send love and condolences to LCpl. Gore’s family. The Governor also ordered all flags to be at half-staff until sunset Wednesday.


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