Gas prices creep back up, South Carolina second lowest in country


FLORENCE, SC (WBTW) – Pee Dee drivers say they are cutting back on any unnecessary trips since gas prices in South Carolina are going up.

Drivers in the Pee Dee say they’ve gotten used to low gas prices for a while now, but neighbors are starting to feel a pinch in their pockets as prices climb.

“I’m kind of disappointed about it because I like low gas prices,” said Gannon Mozeak, concerned driver.

“I guess its nicer when their down next to a dollar but we don’t see that anymore,” mentioned Dusty Rexroat.

Gannon Mozeak says he and his family are on the road often so he’s noticed the difference in gas prices each time he’s at the pump.

“Normally around this time of year it comes and goes, so I just have to roll with the punches,” said Mozeak.

Doug Melville says the price of gas is slowly but surely creeping back up

“It certainly eats into the wallet and it’s quite the difference depending on where you stop,” Melville said.

According to AAA, gas prices have jumped higher across the state of South Carolina while the national average is nudging up to $2 a gallon. In fact, last week the price climbed up six cents.

Some folks believe that gas will be an important topic in the presidential campaign seeing as how prices are expected to go up even more.

“With the election coming up this year, it always plays into politics. Who is going to be the one that helps keep the gas prices down?” added Rexroat.

AAA reports say gas prices in South Carolina are the second lowest right now at an average of $1.84 per gallon. Oklahoma is paying the lowest right at $1.78.

California is paying the highest average at $2.79 a gallon.

Hawaii and Nevada fall a few cents short taking second and third place respectively.

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