Good news for cereal lovers

Smoking in front of your children may put them at higher risk for heart disease later on.  T
hat’s according to researchers in Finland who found children of smokers were almost two to four times more likely to develop plaque in key arteries.They saw the increased risk even when parents tried to limit their children’s exposure. SOURCE – Circulation/MedDay/CBS

Whole grains and cereal fibers
New research suggests eating whole grains and cereal fibers may lower the risk of death from diabetes, cancer, and respiratory disease. Researchers from Harvard tracked more than 360,000 people over fourteen years and found whole grain oat, quinoa, and wheat cereals may have anti-inflammatory properties. SOURCE – BMC Medicine/MedDay/CBS

Cystic fibrorsis
at may be a new way to improve muscle function in cystic fibrosis patients. Doctors in Georgia are exploring a non-invasive tool to measure muscle function that could lead to new treatments and therapies. SOURCE – Experimental Physiology/MedDay/CBS

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