SURFSIDE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — Surfside Beach Police responded after several complaints about the growing number of Canada Geese in a Facebook post Monday.

Folks who have lived there for several years explained how they’ve noticed more geese than usual. More geese results in more feces, and residents are worried that it could lead to water quality issues.

“They go on the lakes here, they have to go to the bathroom — the defecation ends up in the water and goes through the slews out in the ocean,” the Surfside Beach resident said. “I’m just wondering, how much is that being produced as a consequence of the geese and their droppings?”

The resident wanted to remain anonymous because the fowl frustrations have resulted in a series of online threats.

Some of the threats have even become a little violent, according to Surfside Beach Police Chief Kenneth Hofmann.

“[They] flattened tires or break windshields and leave a note, you know, that type of stuff — that’s not Surfside Beach,” Hofmann said.

He blames the increase of Canada Geese on residents who are feeding the geese processed foods. These foods cause them to be overweight, keeping them from migrating and forcing them to stay in Surfside Beach and multiply.

“What we can’t do is just let the feeding continue to where our numbers of geese have exploded exponentially here in town, where I have a resident who tells me he counted 108 geese in his yard,” Hofmann said.

According to Hofmann, it’s not unusual for drivers to call SPD to come get the gaggle out of the road. Honking the horn just isn’t enough, residents said.

“There had to be 15-16 geese in the street and they were in no hurry to get off the road,” the anonymous Surfside Beach resident said. “And look at the consequences around here in the driveways, all these droppings.”

Maria Pesce, who calls herself “The Goose Whisperer,” said she doesn’t see a problem with the growing number of geese. She cycles through the community every day on a mission to help keep the geese safe from “bad places.”

“I look at every person as a potential threat,” Pesce explained. “So I try to keep them at the lake. That’s my goal: to keep them safe.”

She admitted to feeding the birds to help keep them out of the roads.

“I use it as a manipulation to keep them away — at the lake — I try to keep them at the lake,” she explained.

Hofmann said it’s illegal to feed or handle the geese in any matter. Doing so can result in a $440 fine. He hopes residents will adhere to the warning signs and verbal warnings before it’s too late.

“The last resort, and what we really want to avoid, is having to call in the United States Department of Agriculture to do a round up,” Hofmann said. “We understand there’s people in town who love animals and we want to partner with those people to help the geese if they need assistance.”

The Canada Geese are protected under federal law. It’s illegal to harm the geese, their eggs or their nests. Hofmann said if residents aren’t able to scare them away, to just call Surfside PD.