Governor Mcmaster visits Horry County to reveal new plan to combat flooding and climate change


Governor Henry McMaster gathered with state leaders in Conway on Friday to present a report of over 600 pages aimed at combating routine flooding and rising sea levels attributed to climate change.

For the last year, the South Carolina Flood Commission has been collecting research aimed at preventive methods to better prevent devastation.

Here’s a list of some of the major recommendations in the study:

  • Plant 10 million trees across the state
  • Clean ditches in all 46 counties
  • Develop a comprehensive water model
  • Keep waterways free of debris
  • Prepare underground power lines

Tom Mullikin, a professor at Coastal Carolina’s School of Coastal and Marine System says the best defense against rising sea levels and stronger weather patterns, is to preserve nature across the state.

“There are a lot of nature based solutions, if we can get people  beyond the toxic political conversation, and what we can do as communities. We can really see a difference,” said Mullikin

Governor McMaster formed the floodwater commission in 2018 in order to work alongside state leaders to come up with prevenative tactics to keep water from seeping into homes.

“Things are changing, population is growing, technolgy is expanding, we have to be smart,” said Governor McMaster.

After a presentation at CCU, the commission made their way to Peach Tree Landing where Socastee homeowners gathered. A group of people who know what it’s like to lose everything.

“Governor McMaster is out there helping to get the waterway cleaned up, we’re getting the waterway cleaned and this is helping all of us homeowners, hopefully it wont flood again,” said Phil Johnson, a Socastee homeowner who has been through four floods.

Socastee High-School students helped to welcome the commission.

“I think it’s really important that we come together as a community when it comes to stuff that affects us seriously because some people in our community are deeply affected by flooding, and sometimes they don’t get the help they need,” said Socastee High-School Senior, Samir Molina

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