Grand Strand businesses use fog disinfectant to kill COVID-19


MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) – A Myrtle Beach company is using fogging technology to deep clean dozens of Grand Strand businesses working to get in front of COVID-19 and safely stay open.

ACE Cleaning‘s owner and project manager are focusing their five-year construction and cleaning business on killing COVID-19 germs in medical facilities, restaurants, bars, offices, and child care centers with fog machines.

“It disinfects a long list of influenzas. This stuff is used to clean up crime scenes and it is hospital-grade, so it cleans very heavy areas that need disinfecting.,” A. Jay Hixon, ACE project manager said.

It’s been nearly six months since the first U.S. case. COVID-19 continues to be a forefront concern of most every business. Horry County had 213 new cases on Sunday bringing the county total close to 6,000 since mid-March.

“We have done a tremendous amount of restaurants in the area, some being RipTydz, Yamatos, Pier 14. It shows the employees that the owners are responsible during this pandemic,” Ashley Muir, owner of ACE Cleaning said.

The machine uses disinfectant microns that range from one to 56 in size. For comparison, Hixon says a Lysol can spray at about 50 microns. Twenty microns or less is comparative in size to an airborne droplet such as COVID-19.

“COVID-19 floats in the air we can adjust our machines to where the drop sizes are so minute that you can’t see them but they will also float in the air and essence stick to the virus kill the virus and evaporate,” Hixon said.

The EPA approved, FDA approved, and CDC recommended disinfectant reaches high and low traffic areas. According to Hixon, fogging covers the entire establishment killing germs on walls, ceilings, floors, doorknobs, tabletops, and chairs.

Once the fogging service is complete, businesses receive a certification of Disinfection and Sanitation to display in their window or door.

The disinfectant contains no toxins or chemical threats. Hixon says it’s also safe around food surfaces, children’s toys, churches, and homes.

“No business is too small or too big to handle,” Hixon said.

The two say business owners have enough to worry about running an establishment so they’re helping provide peace of mind keeping employees and customers safe.

For a list of approved disinfectants to kill coronavirus, click here.

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