The South Carolina Highway Patrol continues to look for the driver responsible for a deadly hit and run.

Authorities say Rachel King was hit August 12 on Peachtree road in Socastee, but her body wasn’t found until six days later.

A 13 year old found King’s body Saturday while he rode his bike along the road.

King’s body was found less than a couple miles away from where Carol Day’s son, Vincent, was also hit and killed.

Vincent, 18 at the time, was hit and killed in September 2008 as he was walked down the road at night. 

“I was actually laying here, crying, thinking about my son this morning,” Day said Monday. “Because, you know, it’s getting close to his anniversary and this time of year is really hard for me.”

But there’s another reason this weekend’s events are weighing on Day. She tells us she was neighbors with Rachel King.

“That’s why it hits so close to home, because she did live two doors down from me,” Day said. “And she got killed out here on the same road my son did.”

The person who hit Day’s son, Vincent, was not formally charged. The police report says Vincent was hit in the road and not on the side. 

A SCDOT spokesperson said over the phone Monday that some roads, like Peachtree, have narrow shoulders. The department said there is nothing in the works right now to update the road. 

Authorities haven’t said if they’ve made any arrests in King’s Death. SCHP continues to investigate.

According to the State Department of Public Safety, 58 collisions were reported on Peachtree Road between 2007 and 2017. Two of those crashes were deadly, and 22 left someone injured.