MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — Slice, slice, baby!

While Myrtle Beach might be a mere 600 miles from New York — and more than 4,500 away from Italy — the Grand Strand boasts some of the best pizza that Yelp reviewers say they’ve ever had.

From unique pulled pork pizzas, to sweet sauces and flaky crusts, the area has ‘zas for every taste.

Here are some of the 10 best places to grab a slice in Myrtle Beach, according to Yelp reviews:

  1. Hot Tomato Italian Restaurant and Brick Oven

Location: 406 21st Ave. N

The restaurant has an average of four out of five stars from 325 reviews. According to the business’s bio, it specializes in authentic Italian cuisine, New York-style brick oven pizza, and has a full bar and specialty cocktail menu. One reviewer described the margarita pizza as “perfect, fresh, and hot,” and noted that the tiramisu is made from scratch daily.

  1. Brixx Wood Fired Pizza

Location: 8006 N. Kings Hwy

Brixx Wood Fired Pizza has an average of four stars out of 112 reviews. With gluten-free options and cauliflower pizza, the regional chain also offers personal-sized pizzas. Reviewers loved the thin crust pizzas, with one stating that “the edges have a nice burnt flavor” from the brick oven. 

  1. Caldas Coal Fired Pizza

Location: 3218 Waccamaw Blvd

The restaurant has an average of four stars out of 130 reviews. One wrote that the food reminded them of New York and New Jersey-style pizza, and that “eating it reminds me of home.” Yelp users said that Caldas is cozy, clean and a “hidden gem.”

  1. Mellow Mushroom

Location: 1571 21st Ave. N

The chain restaurant has an average of four stars out of 339 reviews. Mellow Mushroom is known for its stone-baked pizzas and a unique atmosphere, with reviewers praising its artsy vibes.

  1. Scotto’s Pizzeria

Location: 4030 River Oaks Dr

With four and a half stars out of 47 reviews, Yelp users like the restaurant’s fast carry-out and said that Scotto’s never skimps on the cheese. One reviewer wrote that they used the business to cater for their wedding after their venue canceled on them, and that “Coming from NY we had a hard time finding decent pizza but this place makes us feel at home.” Another recommended, “Don’t leave without stopping at the cheesecake display.”

  1. AJ’s Pizza

Location: 5917 N. Kings Hwy

More than 230 reviewers have given AJ’s Pizza an average of four and a half stars. Users wrote that the crust is crispy and chewy, and that the sauce had a tang and spice to it. Reviewers loved the cheese, with one stating, “The cheese that they use is unlike any cheese I’ve had on a pizza before. Yes, it is mozzarella but it is a quality mozzarella that you don’t find at most pizzerias.”

  1. Toffino’s Italian Bakery & Deli

Location: 550 Farrow Pkwy

Toffino’s has an average of four and a half stars out of 284 reviews. The bakery specializes in Italian pastries like cannolis, lobster tails and biscotti, and touts itself as “the best lunch in town.” One user said the buffalo chicken pizza “is outstanding; the spices are perfect.”

  1. Little Italy

Location: 3001 N. Kings Hwy

Little Italy has an average of four and a half stars out of 373 reviews. One woman said she comes from a “super snobby” pizza family with Italian roots, and wrote, “Well OMG I was knocked [off] my chair the food was truly Italian!”

  1. Vicini’s Restaurant and Pizza

Location: 5001 N. Kings Hwy

Vicini’s has an average of four and a half stars out of 234 reviewers. Users wrote that the business is small, intimate and has a homey interior. One said the pizzas were “the best we’ve ever had. Between the crispness, the cheese and the sweetness of sauce…it was delicious.”

  1. Melt

Location: 1320 Celebrity Circle

Users have given Melt an average of four and a half stars out of 47 reviews. The business has unique options like a baked potato pie pizza, a pulled pork pizza and the green goddess pizza. It brags about its artisan grilled sandwiches and wood-fired pizza, which are all made from scratch. Melt also has outside patio seating, along with tvs airing sports. Reviewers mentioned that the food was well-priced and quick.