MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — Pretty, pretty please with sprinkles on top?

We’ve got you covered.

There’s nothing that goes better together than a smooth, cold treat and a nice day at the beach. 

Here are some of the top 10 places to get ice cream in Myrtle Beach, according to Yelp:

  1. Kirk’s 1890 Ice Cream Parlor

Location: 2500 N. Kings Hwy

With four stars out of more than 200 reviews, visitors love the ice cream parlor’s old-timey feel. Yelp users said that it’s a “must go,” is accommodating to people with allergies and has a long line that moves quickly. One wrote, “Prices seem a little high when you walk in until you see how much you get. It’s worth the money.”

  1. Kirk’s Ice Cream Parlor

Location: 6101 N. Kings Hwy

Visitors love Kirk’s so much that it tops the list twice. With an average of four stars out of more than 130 reviews, users said that the ice cream is “so soft and creamy and just totally delicious. The parlor has 40 flavors to choose from, in addition to milkshakes, floats and chocolate frozen bananas. The business also has a small arcade for kids.

  1. Sweet Ice

Location: 1943B Mr. Joe White Ave

Sweet ice has an average of four and half stars out of about 50 reviews. The business also offers frozen yogurt and bubble tea. Reviewers praised the rolled ice cream and unique flavors, like Butterfinger ice cream with Cocoa Pebbles cereal. Sweet Ice is inside of an Asian market, but once you find it, reviewers said, “Their rolled ice cream creations are not only tasty…they are a work of art!!”

  1. Sugar Life Ice Cream and Candy Bar

Location: 2016 N. Kings Hwy

The ice cream and candy bar has received an average of four stars out of 80 reviews. Users liked Sugar Life’s candy, ice cream, smoothies, frappes, milkshakes and chocolate fountain. “This place will take care of any sugar cravings you can possibly have,” one said.

  1. Bruster’s Real Ice Cream

Location: 3784 Renee Dr.

The ice cream chain has reviewed an average of four stars out of more than 40 reviews. Bruster’s Real Ice Cream offers vegan options and large portions. One user noted that their dog received a free dog sundae, and another wrote, “Bruster’s got it goin’ on!”

  1. Crazy Mason

Location: 1220 Moser Dr.

With an average of four stars out of 54 reviews, the Crazy Mason has become a local favorite with a cult-like following. The business, which is located inside of a bowling alley, creates Instagram-friendly milkshakes in souvenir jars. It goes all out with its milkshakes. For example, the Sweet Cookie Dreams includes cookies n’ cream ice cream…in a chocolate swirled jar with chocolate fudge on the rim that’s also rolled in Oreo crumbs…oh, and it’s topped with two Oreo cookies, a Cookies ‘n Cream Hershey’s Bar, crushed Oreos, whipped topping and graham cracker crumbs.

Take it from us — don’t look at the calorie info. Just don’t.

  1. Kilwins Myrtle Beach

Location: 1316 Celebrity Circle

Kilwins has an average of four stars out of 28 reviews. Users liked their freshly-made waffle cones, caramel candy apples and chocolate. It offers two dozen different flavors. One reviewer wrote, “Always one of my first stops (and many returns) when I visit the area.”

  1. Mad Myrtle’s Ice Creamery

Location: 918 N. Ocean Blvd

Mad Myrtle’s Ice Creamery has an average of three and a half stars out of 38 reviews. The creamery is a sit-down-style business with a retro beach design on the inside. It has milkshakes (include “crazy milkshakes”), funnel cakes and seasonal cones. Reviewers noted that although it’s usually busy, the service is fast. One wrote, “The cookie cone changed my life!”

  1. Cindy and Jim’s Ice Cream

Location: 9776 Kings Road

Cindy and Jim’s Ice Cream has received four stars out of about 25 reviews. Users noted that the business has big portions, outside tables and a good ambiance. “Who screams for ice cream?” a reviewer wrote. “I do, especially when it is from Cindy and Jim.”

  1. Boardwalk Coffee House

104 9th Ave N.

Who said you can’t combine breakfast and dessert? 

Known primarily for its hot drinks, Boardwalk Coffee House has received four and a half stars out of 110 reviews. Users noted that while the ice cream sign says “Eadys” on it, it is actually small-batched and locally sourced. “It’s beyond creamy,” a reviewer wrote.