CONWAY, SC (WBTW) – In just a matter of two days, two different law enforcement agencies conducted undercover prostitution stings in Horry County.

Twenty people were arrested for prostitution in two days. Thirteen arrested by Myrtle Beach police and seven by Horry County police.

Horry County police said they started getting complaints about six different locations, all of them massage parlors.

“A lot of it is getting information or complaints from our citizens as well as some confidential sources so when we get that information we’re able to organize operations,” said Mikayla Moskov, spokesperson for Horry County Police Department.

On January 9, their narcotics and vice unit went in undercover.

“It was about an eight to 12 hour event arresting these individuals so it was quite the day. Seven  arrests, six locations. I would say that’s a lot,” said Moskov.

One report from Great Massage in Conway states: “During the massage, the suspect went beyond the normal scope of that massage and did violate the SC code of law for prostitution.”

A report from China Doll Spa said a money transaction was made with the officer and arrestee in return for a lewd act.

“It’s almost an immediate arrest when they are able to determine that prostitution is happening on the premises. Making the offer or agreeing to terms, then it’s an arrest,” said Moskov.

Myrtle Beach police conducted their bust two days later and arrested 13 people in a few hours on Friday.

Reports show an undercover officer made the majority of arrests after observing women on various streets making an agreement that they would provide sex acts for money.

Two of the 13 arrests were from a solicitation service online.

This was the second bust for China Doll Spa. News13 asked Solicitor Jimmy Richardson if any of these businesses could be deemed a nuisance. He said police must first request they be considered a nuisance and give him investigation reports. That hasn’t happened yet.