‘A false sense of security’: HCS parents, teachers react to continued hybrid learning while high risk

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HORRY COUNTY, SC (WBTW) – Teachers and parents have made adjustments nearly every week since the start of the school year.

After Monday night’s Horry County Schools board meeting, they’re making changes again.

“There’s just such a lack of communication for everything. Whenever it’s in [the district’s] best interest they can change their mind,” said Stacie Murwin, HCS teacher and parent.

The district voted to continue with hybrid learning despite the county’s high risk status.

Murwin says this wasn’t the plan parents or teachers signed up for.

She says as much as teachers try to keep students distanced and enforce mask wearing, not all are adhering to safety guidelines.

With the county’s high risk status, Murwin says distance learning is the safest option.

“[Parents] have a false sense of security that their kid is safe going back to school five full days face to face. Social distancing is not possible doing that,” said Murwin.

While hybrid learning can help working parents, Murwin says positive cases continue to rise.

“It’s scary. It’s concerning and parents can think ‘oh my kid’s aren’t going to get it, they’re not going to die.’ Guess what? They might bring it home to someone who will die,” said Murwin.

She says the district’s constant changes are wasting the time and resources of parents and teachers.

“[Teachers] spent hours putting stuff together to send home with the children that needed paper, pencil work. Making thousands of copies only sending them home, only to now recycle them because they don’t need them. And they’re not ever going to need them because we’re never going to go virtual,” said Murwin.

She’s asking for some consistency.

“Just stick to a plan. I mean be honest and stick to a plan. Tell everyone what’s going on. Don’t try to hide it. Don’t try and sugarcoat it. Just tell the truth,” said Murwin.

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