After nearly two months, Hurricane Florence recovery continues

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HORRY CO., (WBTW)- FEMA is extending the deadline for people to register for disaster assistance. Those affected by Hurricane Florence have until December 5th.

It’s been nearly two months since we saw devastating flood waters in our area, and some people in Starcreek circle are still unable to live in their homes.

Every house on Starcreek Circle flooded, and that area is not in a flood zone.  

Robert Larson’s home is gutted. Everything had to be replaced except the ceiling.

“Get the cabinets put back in, bathrooms put together, and flooring put back in,” said homeowner Robert Larson.

Larson had 56 inches of water inside his home after Hurricane Florence, nearly double the amount of water that flooded his home during Hurricane Matthew.  Some of that water still inside.

Larson said once repairs are done, he wants to sell his home and move, but he also hopes this area will be eligiable for a FEMA buy-out program like in the City of Conway.

“Knowing that the property values dipping back here and have gone completely downhill. It’s like we’ll almost have to give the houses away,” said Larson.

Larson is able to do most of the repairs himself while he stays with family, but some in Starcreek aren’t so lucky.

Real life church in Myrtle Beach came by to help.

“All the relief agencies come in and they give food, they give clothing, they give furniture, housing, then they leave and the people are rebuilding and they need sheet rock,” said Pastor Frank Policastro.

The church teamed up with a congregation in Indiana to buy 1200 boards of sheet rock which is about 40,000 square feet.  They’ve delivered boards to 35 homes.

“These homes had walls, furniture, family, memories, and now are shells and look like they’re being built from scratch,” said Policastro.

Policastro said they are out of sheet rock boards, but are accepting donations to buy more. You can go to their website to donate.

To apply for FEMA assistance go to

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