Tenants still living at Atlantic Beach apartment complex despite court order to close

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ATLANTIC BEACH, SC (WBTW) – An Horry County judge ordered the Ocean Apartments in Atlantic Beach to close down after being declared a nuisance, but some people are still living in the complex.

Following an undercover police investigation in November 2018, officers found marijuana, cocaine and guns inside the apartments, according to court documents.

Horry County declared the complex a nuisance in February of this year, and in June, the property owner reached an agreement with Horry County to close down for one year, effective July 15.

However, on Monday, no one was packing their bags.

“If that’s the order, for people to leave, what other options is available to them,” John Sketers who lives in Atlantic Beach said.

We tried to ask people who live in the Ocean Apartments why they haven’t moved, but no one would go on camera.

Sketers says if the crime is as bad as police say, the property should close down.

“To all respect to everybody, if anybody is breaking the rules and regulations and have been properly warned of the consequences, if you keep on breaking the rules and regulations, what will happen,” Sketers said.

Three families at the Ocean Apartments filed a motion asking the judge to reverse the ruling, saying they were given less than a month’s notice to move, their leases don’t end until later in the year, and they may have no where else to go.

However, Solicitor Jimmy Richardson says nothing has officially been granted or changed from the original court order.

News13 reached out to the Atlantic Beach police chief but have not heard back at the time of this publication.

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