Atlantic Beach town council gave its Bikefest report Monday, and the town manager called the weekend a success.

The former town manager’s wife, Lynda Booker, agreed on the success, but says there was vulgarity, and the beach wasn’t cleaned well.

“I’ve never seen our beach look like it looked,” she said. “I’ve never, never and I’ve been here for 12 years now.”

But, town manager Benjamin Quattlebaum gave the event, which saw over 20,000 people, an A plus.

“Based on the marketing and advertisement, the public attendance, and the attraction of new vendors, in my opinion was very successful,” said Quattlebaum. 

17 new vendors to be exact, although the total amount of vendors was eight fewer than last year.

Quattlebaum says music was one concern, but says it was taken care of.

“There were some concerns around the music at one point, which we addressed with the promoter,” he said. “He had addressed them, and we will continue to address them in the future.” 

Booker says the promoter did not stop the vulgarity, and believes the promoter shouldn’t get approved for the ‘Good Times Festival’ they’ve proposed.

“I’m concerned again, because now he wants to do something else here and I personally don’t trust him,” she said. 

If the ‘Good Times Festival’ is approved after more discussion, it will happen on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend.