We’re right up the road from our studio here in Socastee with this week’s edition of Beach Bites.

Quality doesn’t require a huge amount of space or a giant fancy storefront, and at The Porch you can find a cozy setting with some great comfort food from Ralph Stacey.

On the product one can expect, he said, “Everything’s quality. We bread our own fish, we patty our own burgers, we make our own salad dressings, we make own tartar sauce.”

“We do something unique here that nobody else has. We do egg rolls. We do a lot of egg rolls. We have pork with mac and cheese in an egg roll, chicken bog in an egg roll. We do something called a low-country bowl, which is chicken bog with shrimp and a fried egg on top.”

Their fried fish is also top-notch from what I observed, which bodes well with the history of this joint. Before becoming The Porch, it was a bait and tackle shop. It makes for a fun indoor setting, but also makes this gem easy to miss.

“Some people might call us a little hole-in-the-wall, but that’s a compliment,” Stacey said. “It’s nothing on the outside. On the outside you might think I’m not sure what it’s about, but you come inside and we’ve got cool memorabilia around and the cooks are really good. If you happen to be driving by and get stuck behind our famous swing bridge, stop on in, we can make something quick like a hot dog. We do great hot dogs with chili we make ourselves. Most of everything is going to take less than 10 minutes.”

One thing to note is just because the food can come out quick doesn’t mean it’s not crafted with care. This has been going on from this spot’s humble beginnings to the present.

“When starting out you really got to care a lot, you got to put in the hours. I did all this work in here, stained the ceilings,” Stacey said. “So, I was working 15-20 hours a week before I even got open, just to make sure everything looked good. We’ve been doing this for 5-years. We’ve pretty much got it down pat.”

There’s no doubt they’ve got it down, and there’s also no looking back to days before The Porch.

“I would never change my mind,” Stacey said. “I love what I do. It’s a lot of work. If I’m not over here helping them cook I’m burying my money next door. That’s what I call it when I have to buy flowers and stuff and put them in the ground.”

The Porch is located at 4211 Peachtree Rd in Socastee, but will come up on maps as a Myrtle Beach address.

They don’t have a website, but you can find them on Facebook!