A local doctor and longtime bicyclist in Myrtle Beach has to get shoulder surgery after a morning ride on a trail near The Dunes neighborhood off North Kings Highway. 

Dr. Fred Norman says he feels lucky to be alive. 

“Every day before we go on bike rides we say a little prayer before we go on the ride, and then another when we come back, and it works.” said Norman. 

Early Tuesday morning, Norman says he was riding toward the north entrance of the dunes neighborhood, when the asphalt collapsed causing him to fall into a 10 foot deep sinkhole. 

“The water had broken loose and it was like a three foot tsunami was rolling north on that bike path all the way up to the dunes cove, there was a lot of water down there that accumulated,” said Norman. 

After police were called, the City of Myrtle Beach repaired and leveled out the sinkhole. 

“In this case it was a six inch water line that broke, we don’t know exactly know why it broke but extreme temperatures really hot or really cold can cause those underground lines to break.” said City spokesperson, Mark Kruea.

Norman says he’s not the only one who was injured in the sinkhole but that a tourist from West Virginia also fell on the side of it, causing him to get lacerations on his face.