‘Bit of a sticker shock:’ Myrtle Beach visitors, drivers notice higher prices on ridesharing apps

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MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — Some people in the Myrtle Beach area have noticed higher prices and longer wait times when using rideshare apps.

Lyft told News13 it’s seeing big increases in demand as more people feel ready to get out and go.

“It’s definitely more expensive than normal and we’ve been having longer wait times,” Lita Taylor said, who has been using Uber during her trip to Myrtle Beach.

She and her friend said they’ve opted to walk two miles at times to avoid the high fares.

“I think they were quoting us $60 at one point to get from our airport to our hotel about eight miles away,” Lita’s friend Kim Kaycee said.

Meanwhile, Tia Goodwin said she couldn’t even get an Uber driver when she arrived at the airport from Ohio.

“We had walked to the store, maybe 15 minutes from our hotel, and then the Ubers were like $30+ dollars,” Goodwin said. “But we got a Lyft for like nine-something back home.”

Prices for Uber and Lyft rides tend to increase during periods of higher demand, which can help incentivize drivers going to the busy areas.

A local driver for both Uber and Lyft said the demand lately is ‘non-stop’ and added more drivers in the area could help meet the demand.

“It’s more expensive,” James Hickey said. “It doesn’t matter if you’re using Uber or Lyft; it’s just going to cost you more.”

To save money on the next trip, Uber recommends avoiding busy travel times if possible and splitting the fare with others.

Others say they’ve had luck with booking the ride in advance.

“Just like 15, 20 minutes in advance and it drops it significantly,” Lita Taylor said. “So like a $20 ride might drop down to like eight.”

In a statement to News13, a Lyft spokesperson said, “We’re seeing big increases in demand for rides, as vaccines roll out and people start moving again. We’re working to meet demand, including providing incentives to drivers, who are busier and earning more than they were even before the pandemic.”

News13 reached out to Uber and has not yet heard back.

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