MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – A group of protestors – men and women – are gathered on a street corner in Myrtle Beach to urge passersby to educate themselves on circumcision.

The group, Bloodstained Men, is holding the demonstration at the corner of 10th Avenue North and 17 Bypass. Seven adults, including women with babies, held signs that read, “Circumcision cruelty to boys,” and “It’s not your mother’s penis.”

The men wore the group’s identifiable white outfits with red stains over the crotch area of the pants. The event aims to “raise awareness about the horrors of infant circumcision,” according to the group’s Facebook event discussion.

The group, headed by Bloodstained Men and Friends on the road spokesperson Harry Guiremane, held a protest in Charleston Tuesday and will be in Florence Thursday.

Guiremane says the practice of circumcision should be a decision made by the male himself, not a parent.

“It’s unnecessary, painful and harmful, and it violates a boy’s right to his own body to decide how much of his penis he wants to keep,” Guiremane argues.

The group spokesperson goes on to say Bloodstained Men has gained traction and support over the years. The goal is to bring attention to what many consider a “normal” practice immediately following an infant boy’s birth.

“I think people get it. There’s no reason to do surgery on a helpless child who doesn’t need it and will never want it, and it’s taking away a valuable part of the body. That doesn’t make any sense,” reasons Guiremane. “Over the years the response has been getting better and better. People are getting it. At first, people were quite hostile. Now they’re more positive.”

The group plans to continue its demonstration until 3 p.m. Wednesday in Myrtle Beach.