HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WBTW) — A proposed development along Postal Way in Carolina Forest has been unanimously shut down after Tuesday’s Horry County Council Meeting.

The proposal would bring almost 1,200 homes to Carolina Forest between Highway 501 and Postal Way. The developer would also widen Postal Way to three lanes.

Councilman Dennis DiSabato said the developer requested they deferred the proposal for another 90 days back in August. He said the developer and landowner are still working out agreement details.

The proposal was also deferred for 90 days back in May.

DiSabato said even though he agrees with the project, he is siding with the residents, saying it’s “pretty obvious we’re behind on infrastructure.”

Carolina Forest residents told council in May, shortly before the first deferral, to put a stop to the proposed project.

“It’s pretty clear that the people who I represent don’t want the project, and so I have to side with the constituents despite the fact that I think it’s a good idea,” DiSabato said.

DiSabato said he found out the applicants were applying with Conway to be annexed into the city. After legal research, he said the county’s development agreements would not be enforceable if the annexation was approved.

“I don’t think this is the end of the road [for the project], it’s just the end of the road for that project in Horry County,” he said.

DiSabato said he found out the applicants, including the firm Thomas and Hutton, are in the middle of applying to be annexed into the city of Conway.

He said the county spent a long time fine-tuning development terms with the applicants. He said he’s concerned the city may not set the same or similar demands and might agree to the initial design.

“I would encourage the city to take a really hard look at it because I don’t think the project works at all if the infrastructure that we were placing on them isn’t apart of it,” DiSabato said.

DiSabato said he’s relieved the controversy over the project is finally over, but that the project may not be over for Carolina Forest residents if Conway approves the annexation.

“I wouldn’t get too comfortable. That’s what I would say,” he said.

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