CAROLINA FOREST, S.C. (WBTW) — There are several rezoning requests going before Horry County leaders that would bring dozens to hundreds of homes to the Postal Way and Gardner Lacy areas.

Several residents and area business owners say more development will cause more traffic, and they just don’t want it.

“Postal Way, to begin with, is a nightmare,” Melanie Hall, the owner of Riteway Auto Glass, said. “That’s not even in rush hour, just normally if I have to go down to the post office. It’s always a nightmare to go there. The traffic’s backed up.”

One rezoning request going through the Horry County Planning Commission would add 97 townhouse units next to Carolina Forest High School.

The proposed access to the property is a one-way easement. The single point of access would be located off Tibwin Drive. Sidewalks would be required for the entire distance of the project because of its proximity to the high school.

Horry County Councilman Dennis Disabato, who represents District 3, the Carolina Forest area, said he doesn’t support that rezoning.

“I’ve been getting a lot of feedback from the community, just not on that project but on the other projects that are being proposed for that area on Gardner Lacy Road, and I just feel like the infrastructure doesn’t support that type of development right now,” Disabato said.

Development projects like the 11 single-family units that the planning commission approved last week to go on the south side of Gardner Lacy road left residents and Carolina Forest Civic Association President Carole vanSickler upset.

“Whether it be one home, 11, and a future application of potentially up to 29 on the other set track to Plum Branch in front of South Creek — we’re opposed,” vanSickler said.

Instead, vanSickler said she wants an extension of Gardner Lacy road funded.

“The land is already owned by Horry County,” she said. “We want Gardner Lacy funded and opened to International Drive to alleviate the traffic coming into Waterford Plantation and to alleviate the traffic at an already over-congested Postal Way,” vanSickler said.

Disabato said it’s a bigger issue when it comes to the planning commission approving projects and sending them to Horry County Council.

“They shouldn’t just be checking boxes to make sure they meet the requirements of the comprehensive plan but determining and listening to constituents who show up to these meetings and determine whether or not it makes sense for the community in which these projects are being contemplated,” Disabato said.

Disabato said he thinks the council needs to take a look at how the planning commission is handling rezoning requests.

The rezoning for the 11 homes on Gardner Lacy will be up for first reading at next week’s council meeting.

“We’re not happy, and we’re not willing to let this go,” vanSickler said. “This isn’t done yet.”