CCMF attendees in good spirits despite bad weather

Grand Strand

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) –  Carolina Country Music Fest is underway in Myrtle Beach, and the rainy weather hasn’t put a damper on the fun, attendees say.

“The crowd is a lot lighter this year, and I think people were afraid of the rain. Me, I’m a local, so I was just like okay, it’s not going to be anything new; ain’t going to be nothing new,” Casey Annibale, a CCMF attendee said.

Annibale has been to CCMF all five years, but she says this year is the best yet because it isn’t as hot as it was in the past.

“This year I actually like it a lot better. The rain has cooled things down. We’re out at the beach anyway, we’re gonna get wet later on. It’s good to cool off, might as well be the rain,” Annibale said.

Despite having to evacuate the festival grounds Saturday afternoon because of lightning, people were in good spirits.

“Everybody partied right on and everybody had a good time all the way up every night, you know, and we plan on doing it again today and tomorrow too,” Tim Orell, a CCMF vendor said.

“The tent here went from like 50 people to 500 every time we had a little shower, and we had people dancing on the tables. It’s another country music fest,” Phillip “Smokey” Jakey, a CCMF employee said.

For Annibale, the most important part about the festival is who she spends it with.

“Favorite part about the festival is definitely coming with your friends, having a good time with your friends, and meeting new ones along the way. Some of my best friends I’ve met right here at Country Music Fest and live states away,” Annibale said.

The gates will close at 11:30 Saturday night and will re-open at 1 Sunday afternoon.

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