CCU administrators say digital learning will help absent students in future

Grand Strand

CONWAY, S.C. (WBTW) — Coastal Carolina University’s spring semester is just about to wrap up. But university administrators are already planning for what the fall will look like on campus as COVID-19 seems to subside a bit.

CCU had to turn to a lot of hybrid teaching this past year which featured a blend of online and digital learning. Some classes were fully digital. Many events and clubs this year also had to switch to virtual.

More face-to-face activities have been possible recently. Administrators say that while they predict some COVID-19 restrictions will remain in the fall, they hope students and staff get vaccinated. They say that will help campus life get closer to normal.

That doesn’t mean digital learning is going anywhere, though.

“What we’re looking at now is using some of those distance learning and online tools all the time, but not exclusively,” university provost Dan Ennis said. “In other words we now have the ability to have a live class. But if a student has to go out of town for an emergency we can bring them in on zoom or a livestream. And that’s so much better than having them make up work when they get back from their absence.”

CCU plans to survey students on their vaccination status over the summer.

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