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Children's Recovery Center sees increase in amount of kids getting help

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) - The Children's Recovery Center of Horry and Georgetown County is working to expand their outreach to help more kids escape sexual and physical abuse.

Louise Carson with the recovery center said they saw a 15-percent increase in the amount of children they were able to help from 2016 to 2017. For 2018, she said they're already on track to help even more children and parents in dangerous situations. 

The recovery center is looking to take on a national initiative called Triple P, which stands for Positive Parenting Program. Carson said other counties in South Carolina have adopted the program, and they are now looking to see if it can work in Horry and Georgetown counties. "They can see a different way of parenting," said Carson. "It would include alternate forms besides hitting your child and screaming at your child." She said this can help parents learn to manage their kids and keep situations from escalating. 

Over the past year the recovery center was able to hire a new, full-time staff member to help with the caseload. Previously, there were only two. Carson said having a third person allows them to get through more interviews with children, which can take up to four hours at times.

She said they are trying to work to change the standard for reporting abuse in children. "Create a community where children can grow up, feel safe, and feel comfortable," said Carson. "They can have attainable futures and not have their futures interrupted by tramautic incidents affecting their lives." 


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