City of Conway appeals denial of federal grant for future Carolina Bay project

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CONWAY, S.C. (WBTW) — The city of Conway is looking towards a solution for its manmade “Carolina Bay” project after it was denied federal funding.

The city applied for a grant through FEMA but were deemed ineligible for the funding. Now they’re working with the South Carolina Emergency Management Division (SCEMD) to get it overturned.

The manmade Carolina Bay would help store roughly seven million gallons of water, rather than redirecting it towards the Crabtree Canal, ultimately helping with flood reduction.

“This project will be one step in a long term solution and hopefully help a neighborhood and then we can build upon that with additional projects like this that will help other neighborhoods,” Conway City Administrator, Adam Emrick, said.

The project is projected to cost more than $2 million. This lead the city to apply for a Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities, otherwise known as ‘BRIC’ grant, through FEMA. In June however, they were denied.

“It was literally a juggling act on FEMA and we’re hopeful that the appeal will be successful and it will go through,” he said.

Emrick said the funds were denied due to the county hazard mitigation plan not being reviewed in time.

“There’s a review process that had to be completed of the hazard mitigation plan for the county, that was submitted in time it just wasn’t reviewed and approved by FEMA in time,” Emrick said.

Now, the city is working with the South Carolina Emergency Management Division to appeal the process and have the grant overturned.

“If not we are looking at a second round of BRIC funding that isn’t open right now and we’re going to apply for that while the appeal is pending so that gives us two chances to be able to get successful funding for this project and we’re really hopeful that one of those will be on the mark,” he said.

According to Emrick, he’s hopeful that with the help of SCEMD, the appeal will go through and the city can move forward with the Carolina Bay project.

“Everything about this project checks off all the boxes they’re looking for for this grant so we’re very excited that this is gonna be successful,” Emrick said.

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