City of Conway dog park now open following cleaning after Facebook post that dog went to park with Parvo

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CONWAY, SC (WBTW) – The City of Conway dog park is now open after and being cleaned as a precaution following a Facebook post that a dog went to the park with parvo.

According to Taylor Newell, with the City of Conway, the dog park is now open to the public. The park was closed on Monday as crews cleaned it and replaced dog water bowls.

Newell said the city never received an official complaint of parvovirus, but the park was closed and cleaned after a Facebook post about a dog with the disease having been to the park.

“We never did get any sort of official complaint for parvovirus. We saw a post on FB, and we’re doing all of this as a preventative measure. There’s actually no way to prove a dog actually ‘got parvo’ from the park,” Newell said. “After a complaint on FB [Facebook] that a dog that had been to the park had parvo, that’s what spurred us to do what we can to prevent other dogs from getting it.”

“…The dog park itself does not have parvovirus. A dog may have had it and another owner failed to pick up after their dog. Dogs are supposed to be vaccinated against the virus, and that is what helps to protect other dogs from getting it,” Newell added.

“We care for the safety of our residents and their fur babies, and that’s why we encourage everyone to have their dogs vaccinated before taking them to any dog park or in any public place and it’s also why we encourage dog owners to pick up after their dogs,” Newell also said.

For more information about the Horry County Animal Care Center, click here.

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