City of Myrtle Beach ready for incoming vaccine mandate

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MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — The City of Myrtle Beach said it is ready for the new mandate that requires vaccines or weekly testing for workplaces with more than 100 employees.

Myrtle Beach employs more than 900 full-time workers and has an additional group of part-time workers. All fall under the new mandate.

The city has been encouraging vaccines but has not required them. It also has not required vaccination status of its employees, according to Mark Kruea, spokesperson for the city.

“If this requirement comes to pass, we’ll certainly know who’s vaccinated and who’s not,” Kruea said. “We’re already encouraging vaccines, but we’ll keep up with it. We’ll be glad to comply with this requirement. It’s in the best interest of both our staff and the public that we serve if everybody stays healthy.”

Kruea said the community benefits from this mandate simply because of the number of city employees interacting with the public on a daily basis.

“Our staff comes in contact with people whether it’s police officers, firefighters, recreation programs,” Kruea said. “Making sure that we’re doing our part not to spread COVID, making sure that our people are as healthy as possible is in the community’s best interest.”

There is not currently an exact date when the mandate would take effect. Kruea said the city will just have to wait and see, expecting there will be legal challenges.

“We’re watching it very closely,” Kruea said. “We would expect some challenges to it. It’s a politically charged issue.”

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