Coastal Carolina University grad creates GoFundMe for hygiene vending machines

Grand Strand

HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WBTW) – Hygiene products may be hard to come by for those who already struggle to find food and shelter, and one Coastal Carolina University graduate wants to help.

It’s an idea that started as a class project for 22-year-old Talisa Effinger, who wanted to create a convenient way for homeless people to get the hygiene items they need, when they need them.

“My best friend and I were just kind of spitballing ideas one day,” she said. “We were like, ‘Let’s do a hygiene vending machine.'”

Effinger created a GoFundMe page with a goal of raising $900 by July for a machine.
She’s been working with CCU professors and nonprofit organizations across Horry County — and some from as far as Charlotte — to make it happen.

The vending machine’s products will be free, and they will also have snacks for anyone in need in Horry County. Effinger said she hopes to change the lives of those who may need help.

“Hygiene is something that is just so common in place at a privileged household that you don’t even think about who has access to things like toilet paper or even brushing their teeth every day,” she said. “So I thought, ‘let me just step outside of my normal and help people who don’t have that same accessibility.'”

Effinger hopes to install multiple hygiene vending machines across Horry County. The plan is to design a card specifically for the vending machines to allow users to access them by using the card, instead of spending their own money.

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