Community donations save a Carolina Forest business from closure

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CAROLINA FOREST, SC (WBTW) – On Thursday a Carolina Forest holistic health studio was saved from closure by the help of the community.

Mona Lee owns Beautiful Mind off of Carolina Forest Boulevard and has been in business for nearly four years.

Lee has invested her life savings into her business and weeks without clients leaves little income coming in.

“I was literally just a few days ago about to pack it up and I didn’t want to do that,” said Lee.

As an owner Lee cannot file for unemployment and as the only employee without a payroll, traditional loans are not an option.

“I’ve watched her drop everything for this business. It’s her whole dream and it’s her whole heart. The idea of her putting in all of that work for years just to have it shut down because of something that’s out of her control – it wasn’t an option to me,” said Skye Pelliccia, Lee’s daughter.

On Wednesday Pelliccia created a GoFundMe account with a $1,000 goal to cover rent.

In less than a day the goal was met and exceeded. As of 7:30 p.m. on Thursday more than $2,500 was donated to the cause.

“I’m surprised. I’m shocked. I’m so grateful. My heart is full with gratitude and it’s a “wow”, you know?” said Lee.

Pelliccia says the overwhelming support reflects who South Carolinians are.

“The big difference between South Carolina and a lot of places, I think, is that the community aspect is still of the upmost importance. Whenever things like this happen you can tell people just come together for the community,” said Pelliccia.

Lee is now able to pay rent for the next month and a half.

GoFundMe launched a small business relief fund where grants are given to businesses in need.

When a business creates an account and raises $500 in donations the fundraising website will match, providing a $1,000 donation for the business.

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