Company looking to build axe-throwing amusement in downtown Myrtle Beach

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MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – The Myrtle Beach Planning Commission Tech Review committee meets Wednesday afternoon to discuss a company looking to build an axe-throwing facility in downtown Myrtle Beach. 

This would be the first facility of its kind, so Carol Coleman with the city’s planning department said they are taking extra steps to make sure there are safety guidelines in place. She said there is an axe-throwing amusement in Greenville, and in other parts of the country, but many of them are indoor facilities.

The potential business in Myrtle Beach would be outside at the corner of 8th Ave. N and Chester St. if the proposal is approved. Because of that, Coleman said they have requested permission to control the safety measures where the company wants to build. 

“They wouldn’t allow people to have alcohol on the premises,” said Coleman. “You have to be at least 18 years old to participate, and other safety measures in terms of specific areas that axes can be thrown.” 

She said the area would be completely fenced in and it would have individual lanes that are also fenced in for people to throw their axes. Coleman said the company wants the facility to be outdoor to attract more people.

She also said there could be an economic benefit to having a place like this in Myrtle Beach, because it would be the only one of its kind, similar to other new attractions the city is expecting. “We’ve got Top Golf coming in, and we’re going to have the only Top Golf in the area,” said Coleman. “That’s going to be a big attraction, so this could be very much the same thing, where people who want to try this will come here specifically to try it.” 

The tech review committee meeting is Wednesday at 2:30 and it is open to everyone. From there, the proposal will go to the planning commission, and then to city council for two readings. If the business proposal gets approved, the axe-throwing facility could be ready by Spring 2019.

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