Concerns about playgrounds in Conway still closed following damage from Hurricane Florence

Grand Strand

Conway city officials tell News13, because it’s warm outside and some students are already on summer break, many residents have been wondering when three Conway playgrounds will re-open.

After Hurricane Florence, soil and equipment tests were performed at each park. Results showed Sherwood Park One and Two and Riverfront Park were no longer safe.

Damages at Riverfront park total more than $95,000 as all of the equipment has to be removed and replaced.

One of the Sherwood Parks needs about $115,000 in repairs while the other Sherwood Park needs more than $17,000 of repairs.

Taylor Newell, spokesperson for the City of Conway told News13, the City is looking to get reimbursement from FEMA for the repairs and plan to make some changes when the time comes to replace equipment.

“One thing that we’re trying to do is look at ways we can maybe prevent this in the future,” Newell said. “We’re looking at what equipment can we get that can maybe be removed for the next flood because the one thing that we’re telling our residents now, it’s not if we have another hurricane or if we have flooding, it’s when.”

In addition to the repairs at three Conway playgrounds, the City is taking steps toward construction on it’s inclusive playground.

City officials tell News13, a contractor was selected and plans were drawn so they hope to begin work on the playground after the City budget is approved in July.

Athough there is no timetable for the three closed parks to reopen, parks within the Conway recreation Center are open. Additionally, the Smith-Jones Park is free and open to the public. 

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