MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — While driving down nearly any road in the Grand Strand, it’s almost a guarantee to see a golf cart or two, however, lately there have been more complaints about people not following the state regulations.

“They’re not always focused on the rules and safety aspect of it they just wanna go out and have a good time,” Myrtle Beach Fire Department Captain Jonathan Evans said.

While it’s an easy way to take a short trip down the street or to the beach, Evans told News13 that golf carts are being treated like cars and being taken on streets such as Kings Highway, which is against state regulations.

“They just don’t understand that those vehicles aren’t as safe as a regular car,” he said.

Early Thursday morning, the City of Myrtle Beach addressed the issue on Facebook stating, “Golf carts are not allowed on Kings Highway, and other golf cart rules… Here’s a reminder that the state regulates how golf carts may be driven on public streets…”

One of the biggest concerns from officials is that people aren’t aware of the rules of the road.

“So the rules of the roads for golf carts is they have to stay on secondary roads with no more than a 35 mph speed limit because golf carts just aren’t meant to go that fast,” Evans said. “Plus we don’t want you getting hit by another vehicle.”

Other regulations state you must have a permit from the South Carolina DMV as well as liability insurance. Golf carts must be driven by licensed drivers and they should only be driven during daylight hours.

Ignoring these rules not only violate state regulations, but can also put people in danger. Evans explained there have been a few instances where people not paying attention have ended up in crashes.

“We have had them in the past, usually on the busier weekends we have everyone out here and they’re running golf carts,” he said. “I think that the biggest issue is the person that rents the golf carts aren’t paying attention to the rules.”

And while the fire department is unable to give out citations like the police, Evans said they like to educate people driving the cart as much as possible.

“If we see something we can always try to educate and tell them they shouldn’t be here and let them know what the rules are…it’s more for educational purposes on our side.”

The City of Myrtle Beach has the golf cart laws posted on their website.