Conway Fire Department gets first new ladder apparatus in nearly 30 years

Grand Strand

The Conway Fire Department recently got it’s first new apparatus since 1991.

Chief Le Hendricks tells News13, the department decided on this particular truck because it is shorter than many traditional fire trucks and has a taller ladder, allowing them to pull it into smaller spaces.

“It will be out at our Station Three which is by Coastal Carolina University,” Hendricks said. “It’s located out there because it’s a bigger need for us, it’s more of an industrial area. The ladder will be able to access some of the tight places inside of Coastal’s campus.”

The aerial ladder can go 107 feet straight up in the air.

The City’s first aerial ladder was purchased in 1991 after a significant downtown fire. Hendricks said the department noticed a need for more resources as the City continued to grow.

The Conway Fire Department has purchased a few used ladders in the past thirty years and officials tell News13, the one-million dollar apparatus is on a four-year payment plan.

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