Conway Police Department uses driving checkpoints to deter aggressive driving

Grand Strand

The Conway Police Department will use feeder streets to major roads like 501 as driving checkpoints through May in an effort to make sure drivers are using safe driving practices.

Conway Police Department’s Chief Dale Long says the checkpoints are a routine part of patrol, but with the increased amount of traffic the City experiences during peak travel months, the checkpoints act as an educational tool to remind people how they should be driving.

“Making sure they are wearing their seat belts, proof of insurance, things like that,” Chief Long said. “In order to educate them about what we’re doing as well, we’re here for a public safety check point, we’ve had a lot of collisions in the area so we’re stopping the cars that come in on these roads, please be careful when you drive and we need to check these documents while you’re here.”

In March, there was about one crash per day resulting in an injury and nearly one third of all collisions in the City were because of a failure to yield; following too closely resulted in 18 additional crashes.

Chief Long tells News13, dispatch gets at least one call a day about an aggressive driver.

“It’s the tailgating, it’s the swerving in and out of traffic, it’s cutting people off, it’s pulling in front of somebody and hitting your brakes really quickly, all because you feel like you got slighted somehow in traffic,” Long said. “People are doing this aggressive driving and we do see that contributes to these collisions.”

Although Long said the majority of collisions are a result of speeding, getting frustrated behind the wheel can also be extremely dangerous.

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