CONWAY, S.C. (WBTW) — Conway’s police chief supports the new rule passed by Conway City Council Monday that bans openly carrying guns in city buildings and during city-sponsored events.

The City of Conway passed the second and final reading of a new gun law following Monday’s city council meeting.

“It’s just an ongoing process of trying to get some things that would help out with some of our city buildings and venues,” Conway Police Chief Dale Long said.

The new ordinance was unanimously passed at Monday’s city council meeting.

“You cannot carry into state house, you can’t carry it into the state senators or legislators office, you can’t carry it in courthouses,” Long said. “And we just decided here in the City of Conway, there’s a need for our city buildings, like coming into the police station or go into city court.”

In November, the City of Florence also passed an ordinance implementing those same restrictions. As Conway joins it, News13 reached out to other cities to see if they had considered the same.

In a statement from North Myrtle Beach public information officer, Pat Dowling, he said: “Weapons are not allowed in city buildings in NMB, including concealed weapons. the city has not addressed open carry at city events.”

For other cities like Darlington and Hartsville, the issue has yet to come to council.

“We are still exploring the best path forward for this in the city of Hartsville to keep all of our employees and residents safe in city facilities and at events,” Lauren Baker, public information officer for the City of Hartsville, said in a statement to News13.

Long said he believes this was a good call on council’s part in keeping the community safe.

“If you’re coming to do city business and at times, there could be things that you’re not happy with the way things would go. And we just wanted to make sure that we try to de-escalate things before they could even become a problem,” he said.

News13 also reached out to the City of Myrtle Beach for a statement and are still waiting to hear back.