CONWAY, S.C. (WBTW) — More than 5,000 pounds of litter has been picked up in Conway since the start of 2022, according to data shared Monday at the Conway City Council meeting.

Nevada Mileur, Conway litter control coordinator, said volunteers have collected 5,252 pounds of litter since January.

“I know targeted areas that need a lot of help, sometimes the most littered areas aren’t the safest for volunteers to go so that’s where the department workers will come in,” Mileur said.

Mileur said 12 out of the 52 cleanups included eradicating illegal dump sites that collected 1,228 pounds of trash.

Majority of the litter was found on roads with heavy traffic, including Long Avenue, El Bethel Road and Dunn Short Cut Road, according to Mileur.

Much of the trash found on the side of the road is from loose items flying out of car windows. To minimize the amount of trash left on the roadside, one option is to implement more trashcans. However, Mileur said there’s a strategy.

“We have had to remove some garbage cans because the wildlife gets into them. We try to assess the areas quite frequently to see if that is something,” Mileur said.

Mileur assumed her position as the litter control coordinator at the start of the year and said this is the first time litter data was recorded in Conway. She also mentioned that she saw much more trash but did not have enough volunteers and hopes to have more helpers in the future.

The cleanups occur monthly.