CONWAY, S.C.(WBTW) – The Alpharetta Farms development has filed a complaint against homeowner association company Wright Management after the homeowners said the HOA didn’t follow its bylaws.

A meeting to address Wright Management and Alpharetta Farms Board’s failure to provide financial statements and hold annual meetings for the last five years was originally scheduled for Thursday, but was rescheduled.

Susanne Buhrman, her husband Richard Folk and a neighbor hired Clemmons Law Firm, which sent Wright Management a demand letter in April 2021. 

The letter stated that Wright Management and Alpharetta Farms Board failed to communicate with the owners, have an annual meeting in four years and provide access to financial information and requested to have a meeting. 

Wright Management agreed to have a meeting in July 2021, but failed to follow through, according to the plaintiffs.

“All the members that have joined with us and say that they want transparency,” Buhrman said. “They want to know where their money is. They want to know what it’s being spent on. I know other members have written and asked for breakdowns, and they don’t even get a response from the management company.”

Residents then hired Gene M. Connell Law Firm and filed a complaint in December 2021 against Wright Management and the board after the groups allegedly continued to fail to follow bylaws. 

“They need to do something, make the management companies do what they’re legally supposed to do for the covenants and bylaws,” Buhram said. 

Buhrman and her husband sent letters to senators Lindsey Graham, Tim Scott and Congressman Tom Rice asking them to help regulate HOAs. The Buhrmans said they were told to contact local representatives, who said that they could not help.

“I would like our legislators to make some type of legislation and property management companies and make sure that the HOA bylaws and covenants are enforced,” Buhrman said. 

Horry County leads the state with HOA complaints, according to the South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs.  

Buhrman said she acknowledges that many homeowners experience lack of communication with HOAs and wants change.