CONWAY, S.C. (WBTW) — Prices are going up for many things, but the cost increases are especially affecting produce farmers across the Grand Strand.

Linda Doyla and Ann Price are the owners of Tyler’s produce in Conway, a farm passed down to them from their parents who started it in 1978. They said they have never seen the price of materials this high. 

“Last year, the cost of weedkiller was $44.95, and this year it is $144.95,” Doyla said. “That’s a big drastic jump from last year. Some things have doubled for us just to bring it in from the market to here. We grow a lot of our own stuff, but you got to get some things from the market in the beginning of the early season.”

The price increases have forced them to raise the prices at the farm, but the future is still uncertain.

“We didn’t want to, but we had no other option to. We pray that they will come back down. We’re just praying and believing that because I don’t think we can do this forever as a new normal. It’s too hard,” Doyla said.

Despite the price increases, Doyla and Price said they see a few more customers coming in daily because people are leaning on local farmers for produce they cannot find in other stores.

‘We’re seeing probably a little more people coming out to the markets rather than the grocery stores because we’re still under what the grocery stores would carry price-wise,” Price said.

Price said another challenge has been trying to find people to work in the fields. Price, Doyla and her husband are currently running the farm with limited help.

Without the proper labor, they are not sure how much longer the farm can operate.

“You can’t find anybody to work,” Price said. “You would think that at the time where we’re at right now that you would find some laborers that want to work, but truly, it’s hard to find laborers to come to the fields and work.”

Doyla and Price said they are concerned for the future of farming and will continue to pray for all farms because everyone has been impacted by inflation.